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Online Courses

For students who require more flexibility and are unable to commit to a fixed weekly schedule, KLI also offers online language courses that can be done at your own pace.

With our online language courses, you simply register for the course, and we will send you all of the course materials required for you to work through the course and complete it on your own time. Each course consists of 10 lessons/modules with recorded video content, along with a variety of activities and exercises for you to practice the target language. If you have any questions or problems as you work through the course, our instructors are happy to assist you and are only an email away.

For anyone who wishes to supplement their at-home learning with some conversational practice, there is the option of purchasing some "online hours" to connect with their instructor via Zoom.


For more infomation please email us at

  • work at your pace
  • affordable prices
  • easy access to instructor
  • optional conversation lessons
  • experienced and knowledgable instructors

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